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List of Best New Christmas Songs You Must Play

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To get an exciting and meaningful Christmas event, it’s a good idea to play the most popular western Christmas songs. In addition to evoking a happy atmosphere, surely this latest line of Christmas songs also warms up Christmas. The following is a list of the best new Christmas songs.

1. The Star – Mariah Carey

This music icon may not be too fond of the nickname Queen of Christmas, but he continues to release holiday-themed songs. His latest song is taken from the animated Christmas story film, The Star. This contemporary ballad song features Mariah Carey’s chord variations.

The ability to write a Mariah Carey’s song is beyond doubt. Proven in 2017, the diva successfully won the Best Original Song nomination in the Golden Globe awards last year.

Through the song The Star which she brought as the original soundtrack of the film of the same name. This song does have inspirational lyrics. Mimi’s sons and daughters also participated in the video clip and sang several parts of this song.

2. Lil Snowman – Mariah Carey

Another one of the same animated films, Lil Snowman adopted retro rock ‘n roll. Showing off Mariah’s diverse abilities, especially when singing Christmas songs.

This song is an original song written by Mariah for her animated film titled All I Want For Christmas Is You. Different nuances Mimi displayed in this album. Rock n roll music genre is felt and makes people who listen to it want to sway.

The video clip is also quite interesting by featuring Roc (Moroccan Canon) Mariah’s son as the main model. Although the title means little snowman, Roc and Santa Claus appear to be the main characters in the video. Lil Snowman from Mariah Carey is one of the best new Christmas songs.

3. All I Want For Christmas Is You – Mariah Carey

The song, written by Mariah Carey and Walter Afanasieff, is a Christmas song that often reverberates in shopping centers approaching Christmas and New Year celebrations.

Nevertheless, this song is universal and not religious. This song tells the story of someone who just missed being with his girlfriend at Christmas. Despite having a sad story in the lyrics, the song sounds happy and lively with a fast tempo.

Some world-famous singers have re-sung this song, call it Michael Buble, Justin Bieber, Amber Riley, Fifth Harmony and many other artists. Not to forget the South Korean artist has also brought back this song, including Girls’ Generation and Bom & Hi (Park Bom “2NE1” and Lee Hi).

4. Season of Love – 98°

Favorite boy bands in the ’90s have just reunited to sing some Christmas-themed music. The group of four men regrouped after 18 years for the album titled Let It, Snow.

The boy band, which is fronted by four men, released an album titled 98˚ at Christmas. One of the songs that you must listen to is Season of Love, which is perfect for listening to with loved ones.

This original song gives a dreamy harmony complete with a lovably cheesy vibe. In addition, they will also go on a tour titled 98 ° at Christmas. (we’re loving the pun).

There is some list song about the best new Christmas songs. Make Christmas more fun and memorable by playing some of these songs at home. So, the impression of Christmas will increasingly arise.