Recommended Animal TV Shows To Watch

animal tv shows

These days people are starting to need something fresh to watch. Rather than just watching tv series and dramas on tv, they need something entertaining. If you are one of these people, then animal tv shows can be an option. Animal shows are very interesting and entertaining at the same time. By looking at the acts of animals, people are already entertained. 

animal tv shows

There are many animal tv shows for everyone to enjoy. Whether you like animal rescues, wildlife or just cute animals, they are all available on. If you haven’t seen them, try watching these shows:

1. Pit Bulls and Parolees

The show is lead by Tia Maria Torres with her favorite bulldog. Tia’s activity in this program is rescuing people/animals with her bulldog and volunteers around. In every episode, the show extreme and dangerous parts when they start their rescue. Therefore, in every episode, they sacrifice their lives to save others. Try not to cry or fall in love with these people. You can catch up on their actions every Tuesday.

2. Dr. Oakley, a Yukon Vet

If you are interested in saving animals or treating them, then watch this show. Dr. Oakley, a great and brave veterinary shows how she can save an animal’s life. However, the animals she saves are not only pets but also animals that maybe we don’t even know. Despite being a housewife, she shows how she can treat and take care of animals. This is a very simple show, but heart touching and interesting. The show makes people wondering how she can cure animals in her way. This show is aired every Saturday.

3. The Incredible Dr. Pol

Another vet show is The Incredible Dr. Pol. People call him incredible because of his ability in treating animals of groups. Despite being 70, Dr. Pol is still very capable of curing many kinds of diseases. However, his specialty is curing animal groups at once. No wonder his patient is up to 19,000 patients. And he has never rejected a patient before. This is the reason he is loved by many people. 

4. Too Cute!

Animals, especially when they are babies are very cute. Well, in this show you can see the cuteness of puppies and kittens just after their birth. Just like normal babies, you can watch their actions and the first steps of walking. The show also features the first days after they are adopted to a new house. It is just too cute to miss out on these animal tv shows. 

5. Cesar 911

For those who are having problems with their pets or animals around them can check out this show. One of the lead is Dog whisperer, Cesar Milan that helps people who have a dog’s problem. Sometimes owners have issues with the act of their dog. Either they can’t control them, or the dog acts strange. Cesar Milan will help by communicating with the dog to see the problem. However, he will also be training the owner to teach them how to act. 

Too see cuter animal tv shows, try to check the animal planet channel. On this channel, you can get many kinds of animal shows. Not only will you get entertaining shows, but you will get educated at the same time.