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5 Obvious Symptoms of Child with Learning Disabilities

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Maybe you find your kids in trouble when they are reading, writing, or doing other tasks. This doesn’t mean they have a disability you might think before. They just have a learning disability which is totally different from deaf, autism, or that kind. Thus, as a parent, you must understand the symptoms of a child with learning disabilities. This might happen to your kids, then you can do the right treatments.

Actually, you don’t have to be over worry about this disability. But you cannot make it let it for long-term too. For your information, learning disabilities are a problem in processing which relates to the neurological system. Thus, the kids with this problem are hard to read, write, or calculate. Furthermore, when they grow as an adult, they will difficult in planning, organizing, giving attention, or memorizing. Now let’s see what the symptoms of a child with learning disabilities you must aware below:

1. Dyslexia

Kids with dyslexia mean their brain is hard to process any graphic symbols. Thus, they are difficult to read and write. Studies have proven that dyslexia is not related to intelligence. But, if the parents don’t treat it properly, it causes slow development. The easy way to detect it is by asking them to write. When you see the opposite result as you told, then it might be dyslexia. However, you need a professional for further observation.

2. Auditory Processing Disorder (APD)

It is not deaf, but also not a low-hearing. It is a condition when your kids hear something, but the brain doesn’t interpret properly. When they hear a word or sentence, they cannot differentiate whether it is a sentence or just a crowd. Even worse, people with APD cannot detect where the sound comes from. Help them by giving time to respond and communicate with a visual clue. Also, teach them the abstract vocabulary is important too.

3. Dyscalculia

Be patient when your kids get a low score in math. It doesn’t mean they cannot calculate. They might have dyscalculia, a condition when someone is hard to deal with math symbols. They need more time to remember and organize numbers. The signs could be difficulty in an understanding clock, days, and other time concepts. Also, they struggle to handle the money, interpret event information, and spatial skills. Help them by drawing to explain anything or having music in learning could be a great solution too.

4. Dysgraphia

Every kid loves to take notes even though we don’t understand the meaning is. But it is impossible for the dysgraphia people. They have a problem with their motor skills, so they are poor in handwriting, spatial planning on the paper, and composing sentences. You can boost their intelligence through oral and visual teaching. They are strong in this field. Avoid chastising them once they are failed to understand you.


This is one of the popular disabilities that parents should aware of. If your kids are hard for staying focus and paying attention, then they probably have ADHD. Even though some people don’t consider ADHD as learning disabilities, studies said that kids with ADHD have learning difficulties. Don’t give them a long process subject or any activities require long focus. As your first, you can give them oral teaching and slowly ask them to the blank or achieve one goal.

A child with learning disabilities cannot be cured or fixed, you are only able to treat them patiently. Yes, it is challenging and requiring professional support sometimes. However, it doesn’t mean your kids cannot succeed at school. In fact, many people with learning disabilities are high achievers.


What Is The Meaning Of PCOS And How To Overcome It

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Maybe there are still many people who have never heard the term PCOS. PCOS is usually experienced by women who will make the menstrual cycle not smooth or even make it difficult to have children. From here it might appear what is the meaning of PCOS and how to overcome it. The following is the explanation.

The Meaning of PCOS

PCOS is an abbreviation of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. This disease or syndrome attacks the hormonal balance of women in childbearing age. An imbalanced hormone will cause the ovum or egg cannot develop properly. Besides that sufferers will also have excessive masculine hormones (androgens).

Excessive androgen hormone will cause the ovaries to produce bags filled with fluid. That is what makes an egg cannot develop properly and fails to be released regularly. This makes the menstrual cycle not smooth.

Besides having higher androgen hormone levels, women who suffer from PCOS will have high insulin levels. Especially for those who have a body weight above normal weight and have a family with a history of diabetes mellitus. That’s what is the meaning of pcos.

Symptoms of PCOS

After knowing the meaning of PCOS, there is an agreement to find out what is experienced by sufferers of PCOS. The following are some of the symptoms that PCOS sufferers will experience.

1. Menstrual Disorders

PCOS sufferers will usually experience irregular and prolonged menstrual disorders. for example menstrual distances less than 21 days or more than 35 days. besides menstrual blood that comes out will be quite heavy. and sufferers of this PCOS will experience menstruation less than 8-9 times in one year.

2. Symptoms Caused By Androgen Hormones Are Increased

Androgen hormone levels that increase in women will cause physical symptoms such as men. among them appear dense hair on the face or body. Besides that there will also appear severe acne and baldness.

3. Suffered From Several Ovarian Cysts

In patients with PCOS, cysts can be found around ovary. As a result of the production of fluid-filled sacs and preventing the ovum from developing, cysts can develop.

4. Dark Skin Color

For sufferers of PCOS will experience some parts of the body to become dark. Especially in the folds, neck folds, groin and under the breast.

How To Treat PCOS Sufferers

After knowing what is the meaning of pcos, how dangerous it is for women and what are the symptoms, surely there will be questions about how to overcome it? The following are some ways that can be done to overcome PCOS.

1. Lose Weight

One of the causes of PCOS is being overweight. So women are encouraged to do PCOS therapy by losing weight. Losing 5 to 10 percent will help menstrual cycles become more regular. It also can control blood sugar levels and ovulation.

2. Hormones Therapy

Hormone is also one of the causes of PCOS. Therefore it is important to conduct hormone therapy by providing contraceptive drugs. However, the administration of these drugs is only given to people who do not plan to become pregnant. This therapy will restore the menstrual cycle to normal, abnormal hair growth and reduce the risk of endometrial cancer.

3. Overcoming Infertility

To overcome infertility caused by PCOS can be done by administering drugs that can stimulate ovulation. Or you can also administer gonadotropic hormone injection.

That was a little explanation about what is the meaning of pcos, how dangerous it is for women and what are the symptoms, and how to treat PCOS sufferers. If some of the symptoms have not yet appeared try to prevent it. Like doing a healthy lifestyle, exercising regularly, reducing sweet foods, not smoking and much more.


How to Start A Chicken Farm – Check these Steps

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There are many ways of reducing grocery costs, such as starting a chicken farm on your own. At first, this option can cost expensive, however, if you do it the right way it can even be a great business. Starting a chicken farm is not hard. However, you will need some information on how to start a chicken farm so that it can go success.

First, you must determine whether you want to start a chicken farm for business or personal needs. Because this will also determine the whole cost of the farm. Overall the next step in how to start a chicken farm is all the same. The most thing you need is determination and intention. So, here are some steps to start a farm chicken.

1. Building a Coop

The first and most important element when starting a chicken farm is the coop. Determine how many chickens you need, and then you can determine the size of the coop. However, a coop should be big enough for 40-60 chickens, including space for then wandering around. Don’t forget the coop should also be big enough for people to come in. However, making it too big can make the chickens get cold easily. The material that most people use for the coop is woods, with wood roofs too. However, you can buy a coop from local hardware stores but it more expensive.

2. Equipment for Support

Other then the coop, the supporting equipment such as nesting boxes and roosting are is also important. Inside the coop, people must include a roost for every chicken you have. The size of each roost is about 6-12 inches, and don’t forget to include a nesting box. Then add a feeder and water container for the food later. To help keep your chickens from running away, build a fence around the coop, around 20 x 5 foot.

3. Selecting the Chicken

How to start a chicken farm without a chicken? Well, it is impossible, therefore selecting the right chicken is very important. If you want both meat and egg on your farm, the choose the ranger or heritage breeds. Examples of heritage breeds are jersey giant, Wyandotte’s which produce both good meat and egg. They don’t grow quickly but does provide healthy and tasty food.

4. Buy Young Chickens

Other than buying big chickens, buy young chickens and take care of them until they grow big. This can be the regeneration of your old chicken. Therefore, you won’t need to buy new chickens when they die or can’t produce anymore. Buy enough young chicken, but don’t’ buy too much.

5. Caring for the Chicken

Feeding and caring for the chicken is usually the most expensive part of this plan. Give different feeds for the older and younger chicken. But ensure that the nutrition for both chickens are enough. Secondly, make sure that the temperature inside the coop is around 92 degrees Fahrenheit. The coop must be warm to keep the chickens alive.

The steps on how to start a chicken farm are quite a lot and complicated. But, once you succeed in caring for the chickens and receiving eggs, you will be satisfied. Just make sure to always have an eye on the young chickens. They are usually a target of other animals, especially because they are small. So, hopefully, these steps can help you in making your farm.


List of Best New Christmas Songs You Must Play

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To get an exciting and meaningful Christmas event, it’s a good idea to play the most popular western Christmas songs. In addition to evoking a happy atmosphere, surely this latest line of Christmas songs also warms up Christmas. The following is a list of the best new Christmas songs.

1. The Star – Mariah Carey

This music icon may not be too fond of the nickname Queen of Christmas, but he continues to release holiday-themed songs. His latest song is taken from the animated Christmas story film, The Star. This contemporary ballad song features Mariah Carey’s chord variations.

The ability to write a Mariah Carey’s song is beyond doubt. Proven in 2017, the diva successfully won the Best Original Song nomination in the Golden Globe awards last year.

Through the song The Star which she brought as the original soundtrack of the film of the same name. This song does have inspirational lyrics. Mimi’s sons and daughters also participated in the video clip and sang several parts of this song.

2. Lil Snowman – Mariah Carey

Another one of the same animated films, Lil Snowman adopted retro rock ‘n roll. Showing off Mariah’s diverse abilities, especially when singing Christmas songs.

This song is an original song written by Mariah for her animated film titled All I Want For Christmas Is You. Different nuances Mimi displayed in this album. Rock n roll music genre is felt and makes people who listen to it want to sway.

The video clip is also quite interesting by featuring Roc (Moroccan Canon) Mariah’s son as the main model. Although the title means little snowman, Roc and Santa Claus appear to be the main characters in the video. Lil Snowman from Mariah Carey is one of the best new Christmas songs.

3. All I Want For Christmas Is You – Mariah Carey

The song, written by Mariah Carey and Walter Afanasieff, is a Christmas song that often reverberates in shopping centers approaching Christmas and New Year celebrations.

Nevertheless, this song is universal and not religious. This song tells the story of someone who just missed being with his girlfriend at Christmas. Despite having a sad story in the lyrics, the song sounds happy and lively with a fast tempo.

Some world-famous singers have re-sung this song, call it Michael Buble, Justin Bieber, Amber Riley, Fifth Harmony and many other artists. Not to forget the South Korean artist has also brought back this song, including Girls’ Generation and Bom & Hi (Park Bom “2NE1” and Lee Hi).

4. Season of Love – 98°

Favorite boy bands in the ’90s have just reunited to sing some Christmas-themed music. The group of four men regrouped after 18 years for the album titled Let It, Snow.

The boy band, which is fronted by four men, released an album titled 98˚ at Christmas. One of the songs that you must listen to is Season of Love, which is perfect for listening to with loved ones.

This original song gives a dreamy harmony complete with a lovably cheesy vibe. In addition, they will also go on a tour titled 98 ° at Christmas. (we’re loving the pun).

There is some list song about the best new Christmas songs. Make Christmas more fun and memorable by playing some of these songs at home. So, the impression of Christmas will increasingly arise.


The Most Influential and Best TV News Anchors

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TV is still one of trusted sources for information. Even though people tend to browse news from the internet these days, it doesn’t mean TV has no audience again. Certain people choose TV to seek any information. Thus, broadcasting jobs still exist. When you want to be a journalist, you have to learn from the master to be professional. In this article, you might find the best TV news anchors ever. During their careers, they were also influential people for the broadcasting world.

To be a great journalist is not that easy because you must enrich experience. Not only at the studio and reading the news, but also report an event in the field directly. The more you have various tasks, the richer your perspective will be. This what made the best TV news anchors below are famous and memorable. If you are curious who they are, then see the list here:

1.    Walter Cronkite

If you are working in broadcasting, you must know Walter Cronkite. He is the answer of the best TV news anchors all of the time. Cronkite worked for CBS Evening News for 19 years, that made him entitled as “the most trusted man in America”. He was reported many historical events and famous people, for example, World War II, the president of John F. Kennedy, and many more. In age 65, he was retired from CBS as its policy of mandatory.

2.    Harry Reasoner

Just like Walter Cronkite, Harry Reasoner was an American journalist and ever worked for CBS too. He also worked for ABC with his popular news show “ABS Evening News”. Besides as a news anchor, Harry Reasoner was a television commentator. In 1968, he launched the newsmagazines series called “60 Minutes”. Within this work, his name became famous around broadcasting circle.

3.    Barbara Walters

Barbara Walters was one of famous female news anchors ever. She was not only news anchor, but also an author and first woman with television personality. She got this title because she wrote her show “women’s interest stories” on NBC by her own self. More than that, she was also the producer for that show. That made her remarkable female news anchor.

4. David Muir

He is one of the ABC World News Tonight news anchor. He is also the co-anchor of ABC News Magazine, called 20/20. Talking about his professionality, he has many awards, such as Emmy and Edward R. Murrow awards. He started his career since 1994. He experienced reporting in Tel Aviv until Israel. In 2013, he was marked as the most visible journalist in America.

5. Laura Ingraham

She was the controversial female news anchor. It is because her impressive vision, idealism, and experience. No need doubting her ability. After graduated from law degree in University of Virginia School of Law, she was the speechwriter in the Reagen administration. That is why she has clear point. Now she has her own show on Fox News named “The Ingraham Angle”.

The best TV news anchors above are full of inspirations. Starts from their experience, point of view, until their professional ethic. They could be your role model as news anchor, or probably you look for the trusted source, then you can watch them. As the internet keeps improving, it is quite different to find the original news source.


Check It Out! How To Train Kitten To Use Litter Box

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Keeping a cat is a very appropriate choice in my opinion. Especially for those of you who like cute animals and can be invited to play. Even though these animals called cats are cute and many have pets. There are still people who don’t like it because when they begin to grow up. The cat likes to urinate carelessly! Maybe because they do not know how to how to train kitten to use litter box. Indeed, the cat naturally defecates in sand or soil.

In its application, the cat must be knowing the litter box early on. To train cats or those who are still kitten to not urinate openly, we need to focus on the Litter Box.

1. Put the box in a quiet place

One trick for how to train kitten to use litter box is to put an easily accessible litter box. Not crowded and if possible be free from animal or human activity. The box should be placed where cats spend more time. For example in a cage, or a special room for the cat. This is done so he can see the box all the time and if he wants to poop just use it.

Also, think that all living creatures need privacy, especially cats. When defecating, he would prefer to be hiding somewhere under the couch. Behind the sofa, corners that are rarely seen and other things. If you just started training the kitten but have to move the litter box, do it slowly, a few feet each day.

Moving the box to a different room the next day can confuse your kitten. And also guide it to defecate elsewhere. You can put the food bowl in the box where it used to be because most cats object to defecating where they eat.

2. Put the cat in the Litter Box

There is a process where you have to try to put the cat in the box so that he is familiar with the aroma inside. Even though it’s not the time to use it, still let him spend a few minutes there. Try to put it intensively after he eats.  If he’s crouched somewhere, move him to the Litter Box immediately. This is, of course, to get the cat to pup in the Litter Box.

3. Give him love

One of the most effective tips in the article on how to train kitten to use litter box is that after the cat uses the Litter Box. Give it affection or praise in the form of stroking its head. Do not occasionally you scold him. Instead of being obedient instead he might be afraid.

4. Provide more than one box

This is done if you have more than one cat. Suppose you have a cat and 2 boxes of poop, then you add one more cat, so adding one more is fine.

5. Lock the cat up if necessary

The point is that you put him in a room, then put the litter box in the corner, do a maximum of 1 week. Separate beds, litter boxes, and food at different angles. Then try not to have carpet in the room, afraid he pooped there.

6. Clean a portion of the litter box every day

Hmm, seems complicated huh. But this is important because most cats don’t like to poop in dirty places. So once a day you try to clean the Litter Box. But leave a small piece of dirt. Yes, this helps so that the cat recognizes that this Litter Box is the place to poop.

In teaching a cat to defecate or small it must be patient. From preparation, introduction to taking care of their feces. Also sometimes must pay attention to the sign of the cat will urinate. So we must enjoy the process of how to train kitten to use litter box. But it doesn’t rule out the possibility that an adult cat can’t do it too right? Hopefully, this article on how to train a cat to defecate is very useful for you.


Fun Things To Do For Kids In New York You Should Try

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New York is one of the busiest cities in the world, therefore known as the city that never sleeps. With its crowded road, it just seems impossible going there with kids. Well, it may be heaven for those who love shopping. But what things to do for kids in New York? Is it even worth it to bring kids to New York?

Despite the crowd and noisy streets, New York has many attractions for kids. Whether kids want to learn, play or both, it all available in this city. People just need to explore a bit more to find these places. Well, here are some fun places and things to do for kids in New York:

1. Roller Skating – Lola Stars Dreamland

For those who love a bit of challenge can come here. In this place, kids can learn how to skate using roller skates. Every week, they will have different themes in their place to celebrate. If you can’t skate don’t worry. Almost every day in a week, they provide skating tutorials. The tutorial is either for kids or adults. There are special days when the field is only for kids. But on other days, it can also be family days. So, come here with your kids to have fun and have an exercise at the same time.

2. Read Books – New York Library

If you are on a budget but want to entertain your kid, try coming here. The New York Library is one of the most complete libraries in the world. It has many books, from adults, college students to kids. Therefore, to spend some time out, read books with your kids here. There are many kids books available here such as Winnie the Pooh. Whether you just want to read it there or borrow it, are all possible.

3. Watching Theaters – New Victory Theater

There are many theaters with different shows in New York. Choose a show that is suitable for your kid and watch it together. One of the theater that shows an attracting show for kids is New Victory. In their shows, you can sing along and learn new things at one time.

4. Going to the Museum – Children Museum

One of the fun things to do for kids in New York is going to museums. Try coming to the children’s museum where you can learn many things. Here kids will also be able to play and dance at the same time. If you are bringing a toddler, this place is also perfect. This is because they have a special place for toddlers.

5. See animals – Bronx Zoo

A must when with kids is going to the zoo. One of the largest metropolitan zoos is available in New York. The Bronx zoo show many kinds of animals from all around the world. With a space of 265 acres, it will be a long trip.

So, there are still many things to do for kids in New York with their parents. Try to change the activity each, therefore they don’t get bored. So by walking around and playing, kids can also learn new things.  


Recommended Animal TV Shows To Watch

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animal tv shows

These days people are starting to need something fresh to watch. Rather than just watching tv series and dramas on tv, they need something entertaining. If you are one of these people, then animal tv shows can be an option. Animal shows are very interesting and entertaining at the same time. By looking at the acts of animals, people are already entertained. 

animal tv shows

There are many animal tv shows for everyone to enjoy. Whether you like animal rescues, wildlife or just cute animals, they are all available on. If you haven’t seen them, try watching these shows:

1. Pit Bulls and Parolees

The show is lead by Tia Maria Torres with her favorite bulldog. Tia’s activity in this program is rescuing people/animals with her bulldog and volunteers around. In every episode, the show extreme and dangerous parts when they start their rescue. Therefore, in every episode, they sacrifice their lives to save others. Try not to cry or fall in love with these people. You can catch up on their actions every Tuesday.

2. Dr. Oakley, a Yukon Vet

If you are interested in saving animals or treating them, then watch this show. Dr. Oakley, a great and brave veterinary shows how she can save an animal’s life. However, the animals she saves are not only pets but also animals that maybe we don’t even know. Despite being a housewife, she shows how she can treat and take care of animals. This is a very simple show, but heart touching and interesting. The show makes people wondering how she can cure animals in her way. This show is aired every Saturday.

3. The Incredible Dr. Pol

Another vet show is The Incredible Dr. Pol. People call him incredible because of his ability in treating animals of groups. Despite being 70, Dr. Pol is still very capable of curing many kinds of diseases. However, his specialty is curing animal groups at once. No wonder his patient is up to 19,000 patients. And he has never rejected a patient before. This is the reason he is loved by many people. 

4. Too Cute!

Animals, especially when they are babies are very cute. Well, in this show you can see the cuteness of puppies and kittens just after their birth. Just like normal babies, you can watch their actions and the first steps of walking. The show also features the first days after they are adopted to a new house. It is just too cute to miss out on these animal tv shows. 

5. Cesar 911

For those who are having problems with their pets or animals around them can check out this show. One of the lead is Dog whisperer, Cesar Milan that helps people who have a dog’s problem. Sometimes owners have issues with the act of their dog. Either they can’t control them, or the dog acts strange. Cesar Milan will help by communicating with the dog to see the problem. However, he will also be training the owner to teach them how to act. 

Too see cuter animal tv shows, try to check the animal planet channel. On this channel, you can get many kinds of animal shows. Not only will you get entertaining shows, but you will get educated at the same time. 


5 Best Asian Horror Movies You Would Like To Watch

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Best Asian Horror Movies

Talking about horror movies, there is no better place than Asia. You cannot deny that Asia has scarier stories compared to the western. Even “Conjuring” or “The Nun” was very famous, you will agree to these movies below more terrifying. Thus, find Asian movies here. You probably want to challenge yourself for these horror movies you would like to watch alone.

Best Asian Horror Movies

Indeed, whether the western or Asian horror movie has its own uniqueness. Some people say that the difference in western more shocking than Asians. While the Asian movies feel more creepy. Thus, Asian horror very often comes from traditional or urban legend. Here are the Asian horror movies you would like to watch:

1. Pengabdi Setan (Satan’s Slaves)

It is a remake film by Joko Anwar. As one of the famous directors in Indonesia, he was successfully building a creepy atmosphere through his movie. Watch the haunted of Ibu and feel it for days after you watch the movie. The story is about someone who joined Satan’s Slaves group. Then, when she died, she has to come back to her home taking back the son.

2. Shutter

If you are a photographer or at least love photography, then we challenge you to watch Shutter. This Thai movie talks about the phenomenon of photography. Thun and Jane begin to find strange things after they flee scenes of an accident. The situation is getting worse when their circle gets haunted too. Furthermore, its special effect is very amazing.

3. Ju-on

Japan always be one of the best horror movies you would like to watch. Ju-on shows you how a woman tries to uncover the curse. There is a ghost named Kayako. Never ever contact with her, unless you will be haunted until killed. We applause you if you watch this movie alone. The cinematography is so thrilling and the creepy atmosphere is so strong.

4. The Ring (Ringu)

Still from Japan, another horror movie that you must watch is Ringu. The Ring is the title for remake western version. The horror starts when everybody watches a video. They are haunted for seven days and murdered by a ghost, named Sadako. All plot is sense, so watching this movie is like being one who haunted. Even you watch the American version, The Ring keeps its atmosphere from the original version. Thus, whether you see Japan or the American version, you feel the same sensation.

5. A Tale of Two Sisters

Korea is not only great in its girl and boy band. They are also incredible in making horror movies. Feel the tense of an Asian horror movie through this film. The story is about two sisters who have finished their mental institution. When they get back to their father and stepmother, the horror begins. Just like other Asian horror movies, you will feel the creepy atmosphere here. You can enjoy this movie in the American version too. The remake title is The Uninvited.

Today a horror movie is not only about the ghost. As time goes by, it also transforms to tell about psychological thrillers. However, all horror movies you would like to watch must give you something to learn. Because, whatever the genre is, the movie should have its value for the viewers.


5 Best Love Quotes That Can Motivate You

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best love quotes
best love quotes

Sometimes, people need the motivation to go through life. One way to stay motivated is to read quotes. For those of you who are in love or have problems with love, you can read about the best love quotes.

Best love quotes will give you motivation so that you always have positive thoughts about love. Besides that, you will also become a person who knows better what love means. The following are examples of the best love quotes love that can motivate you:

1. Love Recognizes No Barriers

When you fall in love, you will always struggle so that you get the love you dream of. You will do anything to get love. You will face all the difficulties just to get the love you want.

Therefore, love has no limits. You will see love as something that is very clean and you need to strive to get it. You will penetrate various difficulties to achieve the goals you expect.

2. We Are Most Alive When We Are In Love

Have you ever felt lonely even though many people surrounded you? Maybe, you haven’t gotten the love you hoped for. If you fall in love, you will feel very alive and happier.

You can solve all the difficulties that exist in the world together with your partner. Moreover, you will enjoy life more because you have a partner who always supports you. Thus, when you are in love, you will feel life is more meaningful and so alive.

3. Love Yourself First and Everything Falls Into Line

Before you love someone else, make sure you love yourself completely. You will learn to respect and accept yourself. The other most important thing is that you have to solve your own problems.

Do not let your problems will affect your relationship with your partner. Therefore, you must love yourself with what you have. So, everything will go well according to what you expect.

4. A Simple I Love You Means More Than Money

If you love someone, you must often- say I love you to your partner. This provides proof that you really love your partner. However, make sure you also really love your partner by always prioritizing your partner above anything.

Your partner might like a gift from you. But, if you don’t really love your partner, maybe she will be disappointed. Love does not come from money or gifts that you give. But love comes from your actions and words that prove that you really love her.

5. Everything I Do, I Do It For You

Love does need a struggle, so make sure you always fight for your partner. You must really dare to do anything to fight for your love. Believe that everything you do for love has a good ending.

Your partner will also see you as someone who truly loves you. You also must be willing to do anything to maintain your love. Prove that your love is worth the struggle and you have a beautiful love story.

Everyone needs quotes to motivate themselves. Moreover, for someone who is in love, fighting for love, or looking for love, they also need the best love quotes. Love quotes will always give them warmth to always be surrounded by love.