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How to Start A Chicken Farm – Check these Steps

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There are many ways of reducing grocery costs, such as starting a chicken farm on your own. At first, this option can cost expensive, however, if you do it the right way it can even be a great business. Starting a chicken farm is not hard. However, you will need some information on how to start a chicken farm so that it can go success.

First, you must determine whether you want to start a chicken farm for business or personal needs. Because this will also determine the whole cost of the farm. Overall the next step in how to start a chicken farm is all the same. The most thing you need is determination and intention. So, here are some steps to start a farm chicken.

1. Building a Coop

The first and most important element when starting a chicken farm is the coop. Determine how many chickens you need, and then you can determine the size of the coop. However, a coop should be big enough for 40-60 chickens, including space for then wandering around. Don’t forget the coop should also be big enough for people to come in. However, making it too big can make the chickens get cold easily. The material that most people use for the coop is woods, with wood roofs too. However, you can buy a coop from local hardware stores but it more expensive.

2. Equipment for Support

Other then the coop, the supporting equipment such as nesting boxes and roosting are is also important. Inside the coop, people must include a roost for every chicken you have. The size of each roost is about 6-12 inches, and don’t forget to include a nesting box. Then add a feeder and water container for the food later. To help keep your chickens from running away, build a fence around the coop, around 20 x 5 foot.

3. Selecting the Chicken

How to start a chicken farm without a chicken? Well, it is impossible, therefore selecting the right chicken is very important. If you want both meat and egg on your farm, the choose the ranger or heritage breeds. Examples of heritage breeds are jersey giant, Wyandotte’s which produce both good meat and egg. They don’t grow quickly but does provide healthy and tasty food.

4. Buy Young Chickens

Other than buying big chickens, buy young chickens and take care of them until they grow big. This can be the regeneration of your old chicken. Therefore, you won’t need to buy new chickens when they die or can’t produce anymore. Buy enough young chicken, but don’t’ buy too much.

5. Caring for the Chicken

Feeding and caring for the chicken is usually the most expensive part of this plan. Give different feeds for the older and younger chicken. But ensure that the nutrition for both chickens are enough. Secondly, make sure that the temperature inside the coop is around 92 degrees Fahrenheit. The coop must be warm to keep the chickens alive.

The steps on how to start a chicken farm are quite a lot and complicated. But, once you succeed in caring for the chickens and receiving eggs, you will be satisfied. Just make sure to always have an eye on the young chickens. They are usually a target of other animals, especially because they are small. So, hopefully, these steps can help you in making your farm.


Check It Out! How To Train Kitten To Use Litter Box

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Keeping a cat is a very appropriate choice in my opinion. Especially for those of you who like cute animals and can be invited to play. Even though these animals called cats are cute and many have pets. There are still people who don’t like it because when they begin to grow up. The cat likes to urinate carelessly! Maybe because they do not know how to how to train kitten to use litter box. Indeed, the cat naturally defecates in sand or soil.

In its application, the cat must be knowing the litter box early on. To train cats or those who are still kitten to not urinate openly, we need to focus on the Litter Box.

1. Put the box in a quiet place

One trick for how to train kitten to use litter box is to put an easily accessible litter box. Not crowded and if possible be free from animal or human activity. The box should be placed where cats spend more time. For example in a cage, or a special room for the cat. This is done so he can see the box all the time and if he wants to poop just use it.

Also, think that all living creatures need privacy, especially cats. When defecating, he would prefer to be hiding somewhere under the couch. Behind the sofa, corners that are rarely seen and other things. If you just started training the kitten but have to move the litter box, do it slowly, a few feet each day.

Moving the box to a different room the next day can confuse your kitten. And also guide it to defecate elsewhere. You can put the food bowl in the box where it used to be because most cats object to defecating where they eat.

2. Put the cat in the Litter Box

There is a process where you have to try to put the cat in the box so that he is familiar with the aroma inside. Even though it’s not the time to use it, still let him spend a few minutes there. Try to put it intensively after he eats.  If he’s crouched somewhere, move him to the Litter Box immediately. This is, of course, to get the cat to pup in the Litter Box.

3. Give him love

One of the most effective tips in the article on how to train kitten to use litter box is that after the cat uses the Litter Box. Give it affection or praise in the form of stroking its head. Do not occasionally you scold him. Instead of being obedient instead he might be afraid.

4. Provide more than one box

This is done if you have more than one cat. Suppose you have a cat and 2 boxes of poop, then you add one more cat, so adding one more is fine.

5. Lock the cat up if necessary

The point is that you put him in a room, then put the litter box in the corner, do a maximum of 1 week. Separate beds, litter boxes, and food at different angles. Then try not to have carpet in the room, afraid he pooped there.

6. Clean a portion of the litter box every day

Hmm, seems complicated huh. But this is important because most cats don’t like to poop in dirty places. So once a day you try to clean the Litter Box. But leave a small piece of dirt. Yes, this helps so that the cat recognizes that this Litter Box is the place to poop.

In teaching a cat to defecate or small it must be patient. From preparation, introduction to taking care of their feces. Also sometimes must pay attention to the sign of the cat will urinate. So we must enjoy the process of how to train kitten to use litter box. But it doesn’t rule out the possibility that an adult cat can’t do it too right? Hopefully, this article on how to train a cat to defecate is very useful for you.


Recommended Animal TV Shows To Watch

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animal tv shows

These days people are starting to need something fresh to watch. Rather than just watching tv series and dramas on tv, they need something entertaining. If you are one of these people, then animal tv shows can be an option. Animal shows are very interesting and entertaining at the same time. By looking at the acts of animals, people are already entertained. 

animal tv shows

There are many animal tv shows for everyone to enjoy. Whether you like animal rescues, wildlife or just cute animals, they are all available on. If you haven’t seen them, try watching these shows:

1. Pit Bulls and Parolees

The show is lead by Tia Maria Torres with her favorite bulldog. Tia’s activity in this program is rescuing people/animals with her bulldog and volunteers around. In every episode, the show extreme and dangerous parts when they start their rescue. Therefore, in every episode, they sacrifice their lives to save others. Try not to cry or fall in love with these people. You can catch up on their actions every Tuesday.

2. Dr. Oakley, a Yukon Vet

If you are interested in saving animals or treating them, then watch this show. Dr. Oakley, a great and brave veterinary shows how she can save an animal’s life. However, the animals she saves are not only pets but also animals that maybe we don’t even know. Despite being a housewife, she shows how she can treat and take care of animals. This is a very simple show, but heart touching and interesting. The show makes people wondering how she can cure animals in her way. This show is aired every Saturday.

3. The Incredible Dr. Pol

Another vet show is The Incredible Dr. Pol. People call him incredible because of his ability in treating animals of groups. Despite being 70, Dr. Pol is still very capable of curing many kinds of diseases. However, his specialty is curing animal groups at once. No wonder his patient is up to 19,000 patients. And he has never rejected a patient before. This is the reason he is loved by many people. 

4. Too Cute!

Animals, especially when they are babies are very cute. Well, in this show you can see the cuteness of puppies and kittens just after their birth. Just like normal babies, you can watch their actions and the first steps of walking. The show also features the first days after they are adopted to a new house. It is just too cute to miss out on these animal tv shows. 

5. Cesar 911

For those who are having problems with their pets or animals around them can check out this show. One of the lead is Dog whisperer, Cesar Milan that helps people who have a dog’s problem. Sometimes owners have issues with the act of their dog. Either they can’t control them, or the dog acts strange. Cesar Milan will help by communicating with the dog to see the problem. However, he will also be training the owner to teach them how to act. 

Too see cuter animal tv shows, try to check the animal planet channel. On this channel, you can get many kinds of animal shows. Not only will you get entertaining shows, but you will get educated at the same time. 


5 Most Dangerous Plants For Cats You Need To Know

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Dangerous plants for cats

It is nice to have a pet, for example, cats. They are such a sweet friend to cuddle anytime. But, if you have a garden at your house, then you need to be aware of the plants there. Not all plants and flowers are as safe as their playground. Some of them are risky to cause inflammation of the skin, even more poisonous. Thus, you need to know the kinds of dangerous plants for cats.

Dangerous plants for cats

Talking about the toxic plants, unluckily, not many people know about this. The toxic plants break your cat’s system or organs’ function. Your cat becomes allergic or further worse causes death. All parts of the toxic plants are dangerous, so, better not to ever put one of them in your garden. Here is the list of dangerous plants for cats you must avoid:

1. Lilies

All parts of the lily are dangerous for cats. Furthermore, it can kill them. The entire plant is toxic which able to cause kidney failure. You can see the symptoms along 36-72 hours. If your cat shows no interest in food, no urination, or depression, it might be caused by the contact. So, make sure your cat has no access to touch or near this flower. Once your cat touches the lily, you must immediately bring them to the vet. Even though it doesn’t show you the symptoms.

2. Cactus

Cactus is that dangerous like lilies. For sure, it is as long as your cats don’t chew inside. But, cactus can cause irritation or rashes, the samples of reaction are itch. However, cactus is actually dangerous for certain people. Thus, it is better not to put Cactus inside the house. Even though it doesn’t directly cause damage, but invites irritation.

3. Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is very useful for humans, even for medical or beauty. You can plant aloe vera, but keep away your cat from it. There are many kinds of aloe vera. Whatever the kind is, all is dangerous for the cats. You might see the symptoms are diarrhea, irritation, tremors, or abdominal pain.

4. Cyclamen

This is the popular houseplants and many people choose it. If you cannot watch your cat the entire time, it is dangerous to be placed around them. Your cat might eat the flower anytime. So, it is better to avoid, then your cat gets diarrhea or death for worse. Cyclamen potentially causes heart failure if ingested in a high amount.

5. Ivy

Ivy is usually found as the cover of the ground or for shade. This plant can cover your gazebo or trellises beautifully. But unluckily, it is toxic for your cat. This flower can cause mouth irritation, difficult breath, until coma or even death. The leaves are as dangerous as the berries if ingested. You should find the option if you have cats and want to cover the wall at the same time.

Actually, there are many more dangerous plants for cats you need to explore. Those plants above are the common plants and flowers as the houseplant. As your anticipation, you need to find the near vet. Once your cat shows strange symptoms, it might be caused by the plants around.


Let’s Get To Know What Cat You Should Get For Pet Based On Your Characteristics

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what cat you should get for pet
what cat you should get for pet

Cats are indeed adorable animals. No wonder so many people choose cats as pets. If you want to pet cats, you have to know what cat you should get. It is because cats have so many breeds.

Each breed of cat has a different character. Therefore, you should fit your character to the right breed of cat. This can make your bond with your cat even stronger. The following are recommendations for cats based on your character:

1. Passionate Person

If you are a passionate person, Siamese cats are the right choice. Siamese cats come from the country of Thailand. The physical characteristic of this cat is the shape of its large ears. Siamese cats are also having blue eyes with slender and short body postures.

This breed of cats is communicative and likes to mingle with humans. They also like to talk. So, it is the right choice for those of you whose character is full of enthusiasm.

2. Family Oriented Person

If you are family-oriented person, you do not need to be confused about what cat you should get. This is because you are very fit in for raising Maine Coon cats. This breed of cats is the oldest cat in the world.

The physical characteristics of the Maine Coon cat are large and tall cats. Weighing from 4 kg to 6 kg and the height can also reach 1 meter. Maine Coon cats love their owners. They are also friendly and also friendly to humans.

3. Perfectionist Person

If you hate something that goes against your will, you are a perfectionist person. You will love the breed of cat that not many people pet. So, you are fit to pet Sphynx cat. Sphynx cats do not have fur but still need high maintenance.

Behind its fierce face and physical form, it turns out that the Shynx cat has a very friendly character. This cat is also gentle and likes to look for attention. The Shynx cat is an active cat and loves to play.

4. Shy Person

A shy person like you can still choose cats as pets. There are breeds of cats that fit your character. You can choose Russian Blue cats as your pet. This breed of cat is known to be quiet.

Russian Blue rarely makes a sound. They prefer to look out the window and feel comfortable sitting for hours. This cat is also shy but easily to bond with its owner.

5. Laid Back Person

People who have a laid back character are fit to choose Persian cat as a pet. This cat looks very cute and adorable like a Garfield cartoon character. Because of its adorable physique, many people pet this breed of cat.

The Persian cat has an oval head and dense. Moreover, it has a small or pug nose. This type of cat has a gentle and calm character. Persians love to play and are easy to mingle with other pets, like dogs.

It is a review of several breeds of cats that match your character. Through this review, you know more about what cat you should get for a pet. Try to know your character and match it to the breed of cat that you like.