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List of Best New Christmas Songs You Must Play

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To get an exciting and meaningful Christmas event, it’s a good idea to play the most popular western Christmas songs. In addition to evoking a happy atmosphere, surely this latest line of Christmas songs also warms up Christmas. The following is a list of the best new Christmas songs.

1. The Star – Mariah Carey

This music icon may not be too fond of the nickname Queen of Christmas, but he continues to release holiday-themed songs. His latest song is taken from the animated Christmas story film, The Star. This contemporary ballad song features Mariah Carey’s chord variations.

The ability to write a Mariah Carey’s song is beyond doubt. Proven in 2017, the diva successfully won the Best Original Song nomination in the Golden Globe awards last year.

Through the song The Star which she brought as the original soundtrack of the film of the same name. This song does have inspirational lyrics. Mimi’s sons and daughters also participated in the video clip and sang several parts of this song.

2. Lil Snowman – Mariah Carey

Another one of the same animated films, Lil Snowman adopted retro rock ‘n roll. Showing off Mariah’s diverse abilities, especially when singing Christmas songs.

This song is an original song written by Mariah for her animated film titled All I Want For Christmas Is You. Different nuances Mimi displayed in this album. Rock n roll music genre is felt and makes people who listen to it want to sway.

The video clip is also quite interesting by featuring Roc (Moroccan Canon) Mariah’s son as the main model. Although the title means little snowman, Roc and Santa Claus appear to be the main characters in the video. Lil Snowman from Mariah Carey is one of the best new Christmas songs.

3. All I Want For Christmas Is You – Mariah Carey

The song, written by Mariah Carey and Walter Afanasieff, is a Christmas song that often reverberates in shopping centers approaching Christmas and New Year celebrations.

Nevertheless, this song is universal and not religious. This song tells the story of someone who just missed being with his girlfriend at Christmas. Despite having a sad story in the lyrics, the song sounds happy and lively with a fast tempo.

Some world-famous singers have re-sung this song, call it Michael Buble, Justin Bieber, Amber Riley, Fifth Harmony and many other artists. Not to forget the South Korean artist has also brought back this song, including Girls’ Generation and Bom & Hi (Park Bom “2NE1” and Lee Hi).

4. Season of Love – 98°

Favorite boy bands in the ’90s have just reunited to sing some Christmas-themed music. The group of four men regrouped after 18 years for the album titled Let It, Snow.

The boy band, which is fronted by four men, released an album titled 98˚ at Christmas. One of the songs that you must listen to is Season of Love, which is perfect for listening to with loved ones.

This original song gives a dreamy harmony complete with a lovably cheesy vibe. In addition, they will also go on a tour titled 98 ° at Christmas. (we’re loving the pun).

There is some list song about the best new Christmas songs. Make Christmas more fun and memorable by playing some of these songs at home. So, the impression of Christmas will increasingly arise.


The Most Influential and Best TV News Anchors

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TV is still one of trusted sources for information. Even though people tend to browse news from the internet these days, it doesn’t mean TV has no audience again. Certain people choose TV to seek any information. Thus, broadcasting jobs still exist. When you want to be a journalist, you have to learn from the master to be professional. In this article, you might find the best TV news anchors ever. During their careers, they were also influential people for the broadcasting world.

To be a great journalist is not that easy because you must enrich experience. Not only at the studio and reading the news, but also report an event in the field directly. The more you have various tasks, the richer your perspective will be. This what made the best TV news anchors below are famous and memorable. If you are curious who they are, then see the list here:

1.    Walter Cronkite

If you are working in broadcasting, you must know Walter Cronkite. He is the answer of the best TV news anchors all of the time. Cronkite worked for CBS Evening News for 19 years, that made him entitled as “the most trusted man in America”. He was reported many historical events and famous people, for example, World War II, the president of John F. Kennedy, and many more. In age 65, he was retired from CBS as its policy of mandatory.

2.    Harry Reasoner

Just like Walter Cronkite, Harry Reasoner was an American journalist and ever worked for CBS too. He also worked for ABC with his popular news show “ABS Evening News”. Besides as a news anchor, Harry Reasoner was a television commentator. In 1968, he launched the newsmagazines series called “60 Minutes”. Within this work, his name became famous around broadcasting circle.

3.    Barbara Walters

Barbara Walters was one of famous female news anchors ever. She was not only news anchor, but also an author and first woman with television personality. She got this title because she wrote her show “women’s interest stories” on NBC by her own self. More than that, she was also the producer for that show. That made her remarkable female news anchor.

4. David Muir

He is one of the ABC World News Tonight news anchor. He is also the co-anchor of ABC News Magazine, called 20/20. Talking about his professionality, he has many awards, such as Emmy and Edward R. Murrow awards. He started his career since 1994. He experienced reporting in Tel Aviv until Israel. In 2013, he was marked as the most visible journalist in America.

5. Laura Ingraham

She was the controversial female news anchor. It is because her impressive vision, idealism, and experience. No need doubting her ability. After graduated from law degree in University of Virginia School of Law, she was the speechwriter in the Reagen administration. That is why she has clear point. Now she has her own show on Fox News named “The Ingraham Angle”.

The best TV news anchors above are full of inspirations. Starts from their experience, point of view, until their professional ethic. They could be your role model as news anchor, or probably you look for the trusted source, then you can watch them. As the internet keeps improving, it is quite different to find the original news source.


5 Best Asian Horror Movies You Would Like To Watch

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Best Asian Horror Movies

Talking about horror movies, there is no better place than Asia. You cannot deny that Asia has scarier stories compared to the western. Even “Conjuring” or “The Nun” was very famous, you will agree to these movies below more terrifying. Thus, find Asian movies here. You probably want to challenge yourself for these horror movies you would like to watch alone.

Best Asian Horror Movies

Indeed, whether the western or Asian horror movie has its own uniqueness. Some people say that the difference in western more shocking than Asians. While the Asian movies feel more creepy. Thus, Asian horror very often comes from traditional or urban legend. Here are the Asian horror movies you would like to watch:

1. Pengabdi Setan (Satan’s Slaves)

It is a remake film by Joko Anwar. As one of the famous directors in Indonesia, he was successfully building a creepy atmosphere through his movie. Watch the haunted of Ibu and feel it for days after you watch the movie. The story is about someone who joined Satan’s Slaves group. Then, when she died, she has to come back to her home taking back the son.

2. Shutter

If you are a photographer or at least love photography, then we challenge you to watch Shutter. This Thai movie talks about the phenomenon of photography. Thun and Jane begin to find strange things after they flee scenes of an accident. The situation is getting worse when their circle gets haunted too. Furthermore, its special effect is very amazing.

3. Ju-on

Japan always be one of the best horror movies you would like to watch. Ju-on shows you how a woman tries to uncover the curse. There is a ghost named Kayako. Never ever contact with her, unless you will be haunted until killed. We applause you if you watch this movie alone. The cinematography is so thrilling and the creepy atmosphere is so strong.

4. The Ring (Ringu)

Still from Japan, another horror movie that you must watch is Ringu. The Ring is the title for remake western version. The horror starts when everybody watches a video. They are haunted for seven days and murdered by a ghost, named Sadako. All plot is sense, so watching this movie is like being one who haunted. Even you watch the American version, The Ring keeps its atmosphere from the original version. Thus, whether you see Japan or the American version, you feel the same sensation.

5. A Tale of Two Sisters

Korea is not only great in its girl and boy band. They are also incredible in making horror movies. Feel the tense of an Asian horror movie through this film. The story is about two sisters who have finished their mental institution. When they get back to their father and stepmother, the horror begins. Just like other Asian horror movies, you will feel the creepy atmosphere here. You can enjoy this movie in the American version too. The remake title is The Uninvited.

Today a horror movie is not only about the ghost. As time goes by, it also transforms to tell about psychological thrillers. However, all horror movies you would like to watch must give you something to learn. Because, whatever the genre is, the movie should have its value for the viewers.


4 Top Favorite Famous Films Adaptation From Books

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famous films adaptation from books
famous films adaptation from books

Many popular and best-selling books have been made into films. As people are curious about scenes in the book, most of the films also become famous. Most of the famous films adaptation from books have a long duration. Usually, it is up to 2 hours. Despite the movie may not be as complete as the book, the film can show what people have been imagining. 

There are many top famous films adaptation from books. Some people even willing to read the book once an adaptation announced. The reason is so that they can understand the flow of the movie. However, others choose to watch the film first. Thus, they don’t want to feel disappointed if the flow is not like the book. Well, you should hurry and decide your decisions if you are planning to watch some of the top films from books:

1. Harry Potter Series

Harry Potter series is a novel made by JK Rowling. There are 7 series of the book. But because the last part of the book was quite long, the film was split into two parts. The three main leading casts of the movie were Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, and Rupert Grint. The main story of the Harry Potter series is how Harry defeats his big enemy, Lord Voldemort in a wizard world. As for the cinematography and music, was quite interesting for a magical movie. Overall the movie rating of 7.7/10 on IMDb.

2. The Lord of The Ring

Another film series from a book is The Lord of The Ring. The movie is about the adventure of Frodo and how he was able to accomplish it all. Soma actors involved in this movie was Orlando Bloom, Elija Wood. Overall, the movie cost around $281 million. Despite the high cost, the movie was popular and attractive to the audience. In IMDb, the rating is 8.5/10.

3. The Jurassic Park 

A science-fiction movie that shows a dinosaur world. The story is not a true story, whereas dinosaur has extinct. However, the film also teaches the type of dinosaur there was in the past. Jurassic Park was famous for its scenery and historical parts in the past. The rank on the movie website for this movie is 7/10

4. Disney Movies

Other than adult movies, there are also kids famous film adaption from books. Many famous Disney movies were a book before. One of the famous ones was Cinderella. Who doesn’t know this princess? Until today, both the book and the movie are still famous and known by many people from children to grownups. Because of its interesting story, the film was remade many times with the main story the same as the original. 

Remember that not all scenes are not in the film since it only for more or less two hours duration. So, try not to set a high standard for films that comes from a book. Overall it is still interesting to see what we read comes out on a movie. Just go and watch some of those top famous films adaptations from books.