Check It Out! How To Train Kitten To Use Litter Box

Keeping a cat is a very appropriate choice in my opinion. Especially for those of you who like cute animals and can be invited to play. Even though these animals called cats are cute and many have pets. There are still people who don’t like it because when they begin to grow up. The cat likes to urinate carelessly! Maybe because they do not know how to how to train kitten to use litter box. Indeed, the cat naturally defecates in sand or soil.

In its application, the cat must be knowing the litter box early on. To train cats or those who are still kitten to not urinate openly, we need to focus on the Litter Box.

1. Put the box in a quiet place

One trick for how to train kitten to use litter box is to put an easily accessible litter box. Not crowded and if possible be free from animal or human activity. The box should be placed where cats spend more time. For example in a cage, or a special room for the cat. This is done so he can see the box all the time and if he wants to poop just use it.

Also, think that all living creatures need privacy, especially cats. When defecating, he would prefer to be hiding somewhere under the couch. Behind the sofa, corners that are rarely seen and other things. If you just started training the kitten but have to move the litter box, do it slowly, a few feet each day.

Moving the box to a different room the next day can confuse your kitten. And also guide it to defecate elsewhere. You can put the food bowl in the box where it used to be because most cats object to defecating where they eat.

2. Put the cat in the Litter Box

There is a process where you have to try to put the cat in the box so that he is familiar with the aroma inside. Even though it’s not the time to use it, still let him spend a few minutes there. Try to put it intensively after he eats.  If he’s crouched somewhere, move him to the Litter Box immediately. This is, of course, to get the cat to pup in the Litter Box.

3. Give him love

One of the most effective tips in the article on how to train kitten to use litter box is that after the cat uses the Litter Box. Give it affection or praise in the form of stroking its head. Do not occasionally you scold him. Instead of being obedient instead he might be afraid.

4. Provide more than one box

This is done if you have more than one cat. Suppose you have a cat and 2 boxes of poop, then you add one more cat, so adding one more is fine.

5. Lock the cat up if necessary

The point is that you put him in a room, then put the litter box in the corner, do a maximum of 1 week. Separate beds, litter boxes, and food at different angles. Then try not to have carpet in the room, afraid he pooped there.

6. Clean a portion of the litter box every day

Hmm, seems complicated huh. But this is important because most cats don’t like to poop in dirty places. So once a day you try to clean the Litter Box. But leave a small piece of dirt. Yes, this helps so that the cat recognizes that this Litter Box is the place to poop.

In teaching a cat to defecate or small it must be patient. From preparation, introduction to taking care of their feces. Also sometimes must pay attention to the sign of the cat will urinate. So we must enjoy the process of how to train kitten to use litter box. But it doesn’t rule out the possibility that an adult cat can’t do it too right? Hopefully, this article on how to train a cat to defecate is very useful for you.