5 Most Dangerous Plants For Cats You Need To Know

Dangerous plants for cats

It is nice to have a pet, for example, cats. They are such a sweet friend to cuddle anytime. But, if you have a garden at your house, then you need to be aware of the plants there. Not all plants and flowers are as safe as their playground. Some of them are risky to cause inflammation of the skin, even more poisonous. Thus, you need to know the kinds of dangerous plants for cats.

Dangerous plants for cats

Talking about the toxic plants, unluckily, not many people know about this. The toxic plants break your cat’s system or organs’ function. Your cat becomes allergic or further worse causes death. All parts of the toxic plants are dangerous, so, better not to ever put one of them in your garden. Here is the list of dangerous plants for cats you must avoid:

1. Lilies

All parts of the lily are dangerous for cats. Furthermore, it can kill them. The entire plant is toxic which able to cause kidney failure. You can see the symptoms along 36-72 hours. If your cat shows no interest in food, no urination, or depression, it might be caused by the contact. So, make sure your cat has no access to touch or near this flower. Once your cat touches the lily, you must immediately bring them to the vet. Even though it doesn’t show you the symptoms.

2. Cactus

Cactus is that dangerous like lilies. For sure, it is as long as your cats don’t chew inside. But, cactus can cause irritation or rashes, the samples of reaction are itch. However, cactus is actually dangerous for certain people. Thus, it is better not to put Cactus inside the house. Even though it doesn’t directly cause damage, but invites irritation.

3. Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is very useful for humans, even for medical or beauty. You can plant aloe vera, but keep away your cat from it. There are many kinds of aloe vera. Whatever the kind is, all is dangerous for the cats. You might see the symptoms are diarrhea, irritation, tremors, or abdominal pain.

4. Cyclamen

This is the popular houseplants and many people choose it. If you cannot watch your cat the entire time, it is dangerous to be placed around them. Your cat might eat the flower anytime. So, it is better to avoid, then your cat gets diarrhea or death for worse. Cyclamen potentially causes heart failure if ingested in a high amount.

5. Ivy

Ivy is usually found as the cover of the ground or for shade. This plant can cover your gazebo or trellises beautifully. But unluckily, it is toxic for your cat. This flower can cause mouth irritation, difficult breath, until coma or even death. The leaves are as dangerous as the berries if ingested. You should find the option if you have cats and want to cover the wall at the same time.

Actually, there are many more dangerous plants for cats you need to explore. Those plants above are the common plants and flowers as the houseplant. As your anticipation, you need to find the near vet. Once your cat shows strange symptoms, it might be caused by the plants around.