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4 Top Favorite Famous Films Adaptation From Books

famous films adaptation from books

Many popular and best-selling books have been made into films. As people are curious about scenes in the book, most of the films also become famous. Most of the famous films adaptation from books have a long duration. Usually, it is up to 2 hours. Despite the movie may not be as complete as the book, the film can show what people have been imagining. 

There are many top famous films adaptation from books. Some people even willing to read the book once an adaptation announced. The reason is so that they can understand the flow of the movie. However, others choose to watch the film first. Thus, they don’t want to feel disappointed if the flow is not like the book. Well, you should hurry and decide your decisions if you are planning to watch some of the top films from books:

1. Harry Potter Series

Harry Potter series is a novel made by JK Rowling. There are 7 series of the book. But because the last part of the book was quite long, the film was split into two parts. The three main leading casts of the movie were Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, and Rupert Grint. The main story of the Harry Potter series is how Harry defeats his big enemy, Lord Voldemort in a wizard world. As for the cinematography and music, was quite interesting for a magical movie. Overall the movie rating of 7.7/10 on IMDb.

2. The Lord of The Ring

Another film series from a book is The Lord of The Ring. The movie is about the adventure of Frodo and how he was able to accomplish it all. Soma actors involved in this movie was Orlando Bloom, Elija Wood. Overall, the movie cost around $281 million. Despite the high cost, the movie was popular and attractive to the audience. In IMDb, the rating is 8.5/10.

3. The Jurassic Park 

A science-fiction movie that shows a dinosaur world. The story is not a true story, whereas dinosaur has extinct. However, the film also teaches the type of dinosaur there was in the past. Jurassic Park was famous for its scenery and historical parts in the past. The rank on the movie website for this movie is 7/10

4. Disney Movies

Other than adult movies, there are also kids famous film adaption from books. Many famous Disney movies were a book before. One of the famous ones was Cinderella. Who doesn’t know this princess? Until today, both the book and the movie are still famous and known by many people from children to grownups. Because of its interesting story, the film was remade many times with the main story the same as the original. 

Remember that not all scenes are not in the film since it only for more or less two hours duration. So, try not to set a high standard for films that comes from a book. Overall it is still interesting to see what we read comes out on a movie. Just go and watch some of those top famous films adaptations from books.