5 Best Asian Horror Movies You Would Like To Watch

Best Asian Horror Movies

Talking about horror movies, there is no better place than Asia. You cannot deny that Asia has scarier stories compared to the western. Even “Conjuring” or “The Nun” was very famous, you will agree to these movies below more terrifying. Thus, find Asian movies here. You probably want to challenge yourself for these horror movies you would like to watch alone.

Best Asian Horror Movies

Indeed, whether the western or Asian horror movie has its own uniqueness. Some people say that the difference in western more shocking than Asians. While the Asian movies feel more creepy. Thus, Asian horror very often comes from traditional or urban legend. Here are the Asian horror movies you would like to watch:

1. Pengabdi Setan (Satan’s Slaves)

It is a remake film by Joko Anwar. As one of the famous directors in Indonesia, he was successfully building a creepy atmosphere through his movie. Watch the haunted of Ibu and feel it for days after you watch the movie. The story is about someone who joined Satan’s Slaves group. Then, when she died, she has to come back to her home taking back the son.

2. Shutter

If you are a photographer or at least love photography, then we challenge you to watch Shutter. This Thai movie talks about the phenomenon of photography. Thun and Jane begin to find strange things after they flee scenes of an accident. The situation is getting worse when their circle gets haunted too. Furthermore, its special effect is very amazing.

3. Ju-on

Japan always be one of the best horror movies you would like to watch. Ju-on shows you how a woman tries to uncover the curse. There is a ghost named Kayako. Never ever contact with her, unless you will be haunted until killed. We applause you if you watch this movie alone. The cinematography is so thrilling and the creepy atmosphere is so strong.

4. The Ring (Ringu)

Still from Japan, another horror movie that you must watch is Ringu. The Ring is the title for remake western version. The horror starts when everybody watches a video. They are haunted for seven days and murdered by a ghost, named Sadako. All plot is sense, so watching this movie is like being one who haunted. Even you watch the American version, The Ring keeps its atmosphere from the original version. Thus, whether you see Japan or the American version, you feel the same sensation.

5. A Tale of Two Sisters

Korea is not only great in its girl and boy band. They are also incredible in making horror movies. Feel the tense of an Asian horror movie through this film. The story is about two sisters who have finished their mental institution. When they get back to their father and stepmother, the horror begins. Just like other Asian horror movies, you will feel the creepy atmosphere here. You can enjoy this movie in the American version too. The remake title is The Uninvited.

Today a horror movie is not only about the ghost. As time goes by, it also transforms to tell about psychological thrillers. However, all horror movies you would like to watch must give you something to learn. Because, whatever the genre is, the movie should have its value for the viewers.