How to Start A Chicken Farm – Check these Steps

There are many ways of reducing grocery costs, such as starting a chicken farm on your own. At first, this option can cost expensive, however, if you do it the right way it can even be a great business. Starting a chicken farm is not hard. However, you will need some information on how to start a chicken farm so that it can go success.

First, you must determine whether you want to start a chicken farm for business or personal needs. Because this will also determine the whole cost of the farm. Overall the next step in how to start a chicken farm is all the same. The most thing you need is determination and intention. So, here are some steps to start a farm chicken.

1. Building a Coop

The first and most important element when starting a chicken farm is the coop. Determine how many chickens you need, and then you can determine the size of the coop. However, a coop should be big enough for 40-60 chickens, including space for then wandering around. Don’t forget the coop should also be big enough for people to come in. However, making it too big can make the chickens get cold easily. The material that most people use for the coop is woods, with wood roofs too. However, you can buy a coop from local hardware stores but it more expensive.

2. Equipment for Support

Other then the coop, the supporting equipment such as nesting boxes and roosting are is also important. Inside the coop, people must include a roost for every chicken you have. The size of each roost is about 6-12 inches, and don’t forget to include a nesting box. Then add a feeder and water container for the food later. To help keep your chickens from running away, build a fence around the coop, around 20 x 5 foot.

3. Selecting the Chicken

How to start a chicken farm without a chicken? Well, it is impossible, therefore selecting the right chicken is very important. If you want both meat and egg on your farm, the choose the ranger or heritage breeds. Examples of heritage breeds are jersey giant, Wyandotte’s which produce both good meat and egg. They don’t grow quickly but does provide healthy and tasty food.

4. Buy Young Chickens

Other than buying big chickens, buy young chickens and take care of them until they grow big. This can be the regeneration of your old chicken. Therefore, you won’t need to buy new chickens when they die or can’t produce anymore. Buy enough young chicken, but don’t’ buy too much.

5. Caring for the Chicken

Feeding and caring for the chicken is usually the most expensive part of this plan. Give different feeds for the older and younger chicken. But ensure that the nutrition for both chickens are enough. Secondly, make sure that the temperature inside the coop is around 92 degrees Fahrenheit. The coop must be warm to keep the chickens alive.

The steps on how to start a chicken farm are quite a lot and complicated. But, once you succeed in caring for the chickens and receiving eggs, you will be satisfied. Just make sure to always have an eye on the young chickens. They are usually a target of other animals, especially because they are small. So, hopefully, these steps can help you in making your farm.