5 Most Dangerous Plants For Cats You Need To Know

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Dangerous plants for cats

It is nice to have a pet, for example, cats. They are such a sweet friend to cuddle anytime. But, if you have a garden at your house, then you need to be aware of the plants there. Not all plants and flowers are as safe as their playground. Some of them are risky to cause inflammation of the skin, even more poisonous. Thus, you need to know the kinds of dangerous plants for cats.

Dangerous plants for cats

Talking about the toxic plants, unluckily, not many people know about this. The toxic plants break your cat’s system or organs’ function. Your cat becomes allergic or further worse causes death. All parts of the toxic plants are dangerous, so, better not to ever put one of them in your garden. Here is the list of dangerous plants for cats you must avoid:

1. Lilies

All parts of the lily are dangerous for cats. Furthermore, it can kill them. The entire plant is toxic which able to cause kidney failure. You can see the symptoms along 36-72 hours. If your cat shows no interest in food, no urination, or depression, it might be caused by the contact. So, make sure your cat has no access to touch or near this flower. Once your cat touches the lily, you must immediately bring them to the vet. Even though it doesn’t show you the symptoms.

2. Cactus

Cactus is that dangerous like lilies. For sure, it is as long as your cats don’t chew inside. But, cactus can cause irritation or rashes, the samples of reaction are itch. However, cactus is actually dangerous for certain people. Thus, it is better not to put Cactus inside the house. Even though it doesn’t directly cause damage, but invites irritation.

3. Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is very useful for humans, even for medical or beauty. You can plant aloe vera, but keep away your cat from it. There are many kinds of aloe vera. Whatever the kind is, all is dangerous for the cats. You might see the symptoms are diarrhea, irritation, tremors, or abdominal pain.

4. Cyclamen

This is the popular houseplants and many people choose it. If you cannot watch your cat the entire time, it is dangerous to be placed around them. Your cat might eat the flower anytime. So, it is better to avoid, then your cat gets diarrhea or death for worse. Cyclamen potentially causes heart failure if ingested in a high amount.

5. Ivy

Ivy is usually found as the cover of the ground or for shade. This plant can cover your gazebo or trellises beautifully. But unluckily, it is toxic for your cat. This flower can cause mouth irritation, difficult breath, until coma or even death. The leaves are as dangerous as the berries if ingested. You should find the option if you have cats and want to cover the wall at the same time.

Actually, there are many more dangerous plants for cats you need to explore. Those plants above are the common plants and flowers as the houseplant. As your anticipation, you need to find the near vet. Once your cat shows strange symptoms, it might be caused by the plants around.


How To Take Care Of Your Kidney Naturally, Simple Things You Should Know

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How To Take Care Of Your Kidney Naturally
How To Take Care Of Your Kidney Naturally

Our body is the most valuable thing that we have. Therefore we need to take care of our bodies and try to don’t make it hurt. Not only the body but we also need to carry about something inside our body especially our organs. We must keep our organs including our kidney health. If we get a disease in our kidney every organ can be hurt too. Thus, you need to know how to take care of your kidney naturally.

In order to take care of the kidney, we need to do something for it. You don’t need to do a complicated thing, but you just need to do a simple thing but have an important role. This article will explain to you how to take care of your kidney naturally. There are a lot of ways to take care of your kidney, they are:

1. Keep Active and Fit

Becoming active is something hard to do. When you must spend your time to have a sport it will be very hard to do. But did you now that becoming active and fit will make your kidney health? Yes, being active makes you fit that can reduce blood pressure and reduces the risk of kidney disease. You don’t need to have heavy sports you just need to have a simple sport such as walking, stretching, jogging for a while. Those kinds of simple sport can make your kidney health and also other organs.

2. Drink More

The kidney is an important organ that must be carried and keep it healthy. Because kidney disease is like death in a smooth way. So, you need to do something such as drink more to carry your kidney. Just drinking might seem simple for you, but actually drink more will make your kidney health. You need to make it this simple and natural thing as a habitual and make your kidney health. Normally, people need to drink 1.5 until 2 liters a day. Even you are busy, you must keep drinking in a normal count.

3. Eat Healthy Food

Just drinking much will be useless if you combine it with unhealthy food. If you want to keep your kidney healthy, you need to keep your food healthy too. Do not eat something dangerous for your body such as junk food. What you need to eat is vegetables, fruits, and other healthy food. If you have a big question about how to take care of your kidney naturally, you need to eat healthy food for the first carry.

4. Forbidden to Smoke

We all know that smoking is a bad habit but many people still do this bad habit. There are a lot of effects of smoking that you should know. One of the effect is it will hurt your kidney. Smoking can affect kidney cancer amounts from 50% of them. That’s why you need to think twice if you want to smoke because smoking is very dangerous for our health.

Maybe that’s all the information about how to take care of your kidney naturally. hopefully, this article will inspire you. Thank you for reading and see you.


4 Top Favorite Famous Films Adaptation From Books

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famous films adaptation from books
famous films adaptation from books

Many popular and best-selling books have been made into films. As people are curious about scenes in the book, most of the films also become famous. Most of the famous films adaptation from books have a long duration. Usually, it is up to 2 hours. Despite the movie may not be as complete as the book, the film can show what people have been imagining. 

There are many top famous films adaptation from books. Some people even willing to read the book once an adaptation announced. The reason is so that they can understand the flow of the movie. However, others choose to watch the film first. Thus, they don’t want to feel disappointed if the flow is not like the book. Well, you should hurry and decide your decisions if you are planning to watch some of the top films from books:

1. Harry Potter Series

Harry Potter series is a novel made by JK Rowling. There are 7 series of the book. But because the last part of the book was quite long, the film was split into two parts. The three main leading casts of the movie were Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, and Rupert Grint. The main story of the Harry Potter series is how Harry defeats his big enemy, Lord Voldemort in a wizard world. As for the cinematography and music, was quite interesting for a magical movie. Overall the movie rating of 7.7/10 on IMDb.

2. The Lord of The Ring

Another film series from a book is The Lord of The Ring. The movie is about the adventure of Frodo and how he was able to accomplish it all. Soma actors involved in this movie was Orlando Bloom, Elija Wood. Overall, the movie cost around $281 million. Despite the high cost, the movie was popular and attractive to the audience. In IMDb, the rating is 8.5/10.

3. The Jurassic Park 

A science-fiction movie that shows a dinosaur world. The story is not a true story, whereas dinosaur has extinct. However, the film also teaches the type of dinosaur there was in the past. Jurassic Park was famous for its scenery and historical parts in the past. The rank on the movie website for this movie is 7/10

4. Disney Movies

Other than adult movies, there are also kids famous film adaption from books. Many famous Disney movies were a book before. One of the famous ones was Cinderella. Who doesn’t know this princess? Until today, both the book and the movie are still famous and known by many people from children to grownups. Because of its interesting story, the film was remade many times with the main story the same as the original. 

Remember that not all scenes are not in the film since it only for more or less two hours duration. So, try not to set a high standard for films that comes from a book. Overall it is still interesting to see what we read comes out on a movie. Just go and watch some of those top famous films adaptations from books.


Parents Should Read This: Best Skill to Learn Since Early Ages For Kids Development

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best skill to learn since early ages

It is surprising to see how amazing our kids’ development. We never imagine they can absorb that fast for something new. Sometimes they only see once, then they follow exactly what just saw. That is why we have to really care about what we are saying and doing in front of them. Thus, parents must know the best skill to learn since early ages. It is important to fulfill them with soft skill and life skills, not only academic skills.

Any age is the best time to teach them new skills. Every age has its own stage to receive a new lesson. The younger, the simpler thing you should teach. Put big patience on yourself. Don’t expect too much, just show them good samples every day repeatedly. Then, you will see how smart your kids follow yourself.

1. Health and Tidying Up

These two skills are related. Once your kids are aware of their health, they will mentally keep everything neat. Begin by learning how to brush teeth, set up the bed, put the laundry properly, and other simple things. Explain why this is a matter for themself and the environment. Give bad effects sample if they don’t make up their room. As time goes by, they will understand why it is essential.

2. Anger Management

Anger management is the best skill to learn since early ages. We are pretty sure that you don’t want to have an emotional child. Thus, teach them how to manage their upset. It is okay for the first time seeing them in a tantrum. Tell your kids patiently and lower your voice. This way really helps you to make them understand. Never ignore what they feel and don’t underestimate it. Sometimes things that seem not really important for adults are vital for the kids.

3. Time Management

Discipline is a must. There is no excuse when you are being late as an adult. So, teaching your kids through a simple thing, like time for sleeping, eating, studying, and playing outside. Also, let them able to measure how long each activity takes time. As your kids create their routine, they will automatically responsible for what to do daily.

4. Decision Making

This skill is probably suitable for older kids. But it doesn’t mean you cannot start earlier. Teaching decision making is not always for something hard. Try to reduce your intervention as parents. Let them decide the simple things, such as drink milk or juice, white or blue shirt, play a train or car, teddy bear or barbie, and many more. As your kids grow up, give them rewards for good decisions. Also, remind them of the consequences for everything they choose.

5. Sharing with Others

Another best skill to learn since early ages are sharing with others. There is no big deal when your kids have a strong self-belonging. It means that they can protect what they have. At the same time, they show how big their self-defense too. However, as a social human being, they need to share with others too. Make this lesson fun through playing games in a group, respect the others’ possession, and talk about how important give someone’s rights.

Early age is a golden moment to teach everything. Their brain is still developing and ready to receive everything. Those best skill to learn since early ages above are actually done in everyday life. But sometimes we forget to show them a good example. Parents are the mirror for their kids. If you are concerned with their development, then it is the right time to start the process.


Let’s Get To Know What Cat You Should Get For Pet Based On Your Characteristics

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what cat you should get for pet
what cat you should get for pet

Cats are indeed adorable animals. No wonder so many people choose cats as pets. If you want to pet cats, you have to know what cat you should get. It is because cats have so many breeds.

Each breed of cat has a different character. Therefore, you should fit your character to the right breed of cat. This can make your bond with your cat even stronger. The following are recommendations for cats based on your character:

1. Passionate Person

If you are a passionate person, Siamese cats are the right choice. Siamese cats come from the country of Thailand. The physical characteristic of this cat is the shape of its large ears. Siamese cats are also having blue eyes with slender and short body postures.

This breed of cats is communicative and likes to mingle with humans. They also like to talk. So, it is the right choice for those of you whose character is full of enthusiasm.

2. Family Oriented Person

If you are family-oriented person, you do not need to be confused about what cat you should get. This is because you are very fit in for raising Maine Coon cats. This breed of cats is the oldest cat in the world.

The physical characteristics of the Maine Coon cat are large and tall cats. Weighing from 4 kg to 6 kg and the height can also reach 1 meter. Maine Coon cats love their owners. They are also friendly and also friendly to humans.

3. Perfectionist Person

If you hate something that goes against your will, you are a perfectionist person. You will love the breed of cat that not many people pet. So, you are fit to pet Sphynx cat. Sphynx cats do not have fur but still need high maintenance.

Behind its fierce face and physical form, it turns out that the Shynx cat has a very friendly character. This cat is also gentle and likes to look for attention. The Shynx cat is an active cat and loves to play.

4. Shy Person

A shy person like you can still choose cats as pets. There are breeds of cats that fit your character. You can choose Russian Blue cats as your pet. This breed of cat is known to be quiet.

Russian Blue rarely makes a sound. They prefer to look out the window and feel comfortable sitting for hours. This cat is also shy but easily to bond with its owner.

5. Laid Back Person

People who have a laid back character are fit to choose Persian cat as a pet. This cat looks very cute and adorable like a Garfield cartoon character. Because of its adorable physique, many people pet this breed of cat.

The Persian cat has an oval head and dense. Moreover, it has a small or pug nose. This type of cat has a gentle and calm character. Persians love to play and are easy to mingle with other pets, like dogs.

It is a review of several breeds of cats that match your character. Through this review, you know more about what cat you should get for a pet. Try to know your character and match it to the breed of cat that you like.