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The Most Influential and Best TV News Anchors

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TV is still one of trusted sources for information. Even though people tend to browse news from the internet these days, it doesn’t mean TV has no audience again. Certain people choose TV to seek any information. Thus, broadcasting jobs still exist. When you want to be a journalist, you have to learn from the master to be professional. In this article, you might find the best TV news anchors ever. During their careers, they were also influential people for the broadcasting world.

To be a great journalist is not that easy because you must enrich experience. Not only at the studio and reading the news, but also report an event in the field directly. The more you have various tasks, the richer your perspective will be. This what made the best TV news anchors below are famous and memorable. If you are curious who they are, then see the list here:

1.    Walter Cronkite

If you are working in broadcasting, you must know Walter Cronkite. He is the answer of the best TV news anchors all of the time. Cronkite worked for CBS Evening News for 19 years, that made him entitled as “the most trusted man in America”. He was reported many historical events and famous people, for example, World War II, the president of John F. Kennedy, and many more. In age 65, he was retired from CBS as its policy of mandatory.

2.    Harry Reasoner

Just like Walter Cronkite, Harry Reasoner was an American journalist and ever worked for CBS too. He also worked for ABC with his popular news show “ABS Evening News”. Besides as a news anchor, Harry Reasoner was a television commentator. In 1968, he launched the newsmagazines series called “60 Minutes”. Within this work, his name became famous around broadcasting circle.

3.    Barbara Walters

Barbara Walters was one of famous female news anchors ever. She was not only news anchor, but also an author and first woman with television personality. She got this title because she wrote her show “women’s interest stories” on NBC by her own self. More than that, she was also the producer for that show. That made her remarkable female news anchor.

4. David Muir

He is one of the ABC World News Tonight news anchor. He is also the co-anchor of ABC News Magazine, called 20/20. Talking about his professionality, he has many awards, such as Emmy and Edward R. Murrow awards. He started his career since 1994. He experienced reporting in Tel Aviv until Israel. In 2013, he was marked as the most visible journalist in America.

5. Laura Ingraham

She was the controversial female news anchor. It is because her impressive vision, idealism, and experience. No need doubting her ability. After graduated from law degree in University of Virginia School of Law, she was the speechwriter in the Reagen administration. That is why she has clear point. Now she has her own show on Fox News named “The Ingraham Angle”.

The best TV news anchors above are full of inspirations. Starts from their experience, point of view, until their professional ethic. They could be your role model as news anchor, or probably you look for the trusted source, then you can watch them. As the internet keeps improving, it is quite different to find the original news source.