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Let’s Get To Know What Cat You Should Get For Pet Based On Your Characteristics

what cat you should get for pet

Cats are indeed adorable animals. No wonder so many people choose cats as pets. If you want to pet cats, you have to know what cat you should get. It is because cats have so many breeds.

Each breed of cat has a different character. Therefore, you should fit your character to the right breed of cat. This can make your bond with your cat even stronger. The following are recommendations for cats based on your character:

1. Passionate Person

If you are a passionate person, Siamese cats are the right choice. Siamese cats come from the country of Thailand. The physical characteristic of this cat is the shape of its large ears. Siamese cats are also having blue eyes with slender and short body postures.

This breed of cats is communicative and likes to mingle with humans. They also like to talk. So, it is the right choice for those of you whose character is full of enthusiasm.

2. Family Oriented Person

If you are family-oriented person, you do not need to be confused about what cat you should get. This is because you are very fit in for raising Maine Coon cats. This breed of cats is the oldest cat in the world.

The physical characteristics of the Maine Coon cat are large and tall cats. Weighing from 4 kg to 6 kg and the height can also reach 1 meter. Maine Coon cats love their owners. They are also friendly and also friendly to humans.

3. Perfectionist Person

If you hate something that goes against your will, you are a perfectionist person. You will love the breed of cat that not many people pet. So, you are fit to pet Sphynx cat. Sphynx cats do not have fur but still need high maintenance.

Behind its fierce face and physical form, it turns out that the Shynx cat has a very friendly character. This cat is also gentle and likes to look for attention. The Shynx cat is an active cat and loves to play.

4. Shy Person

A shy person like you can still choose cats as pets. There are breeds of cats that fit your character. You can choose Russian Blue cats as your pet. This breed of cat is known to be quiet.

Russian Blue rarely makes a sound. They prefer to look out the window and feel comfortable sitting for hours. This cat is also shy but easily to bond with its owner.

5. Laid Back Person

People who have a laid back character are fit to choose Persian cat as a pet. This cat looks very cute and adorable like a Garfield cartoon character. Because of its adorable physique, many people pet this breed of cat.

The Persian cat has an oval head and dense. Moreover, it has a small or pug nose. This type of cat has a gentle and calm character. Persians love to play and are easy to mingle with other pets, like dogs.

It is a review of several breeds of cats that match your character. Through this review, you know more about what cat you should get for a pet. Try to know your character and match it to the breed of cat that you like.